About us

We at ODO strive to work to make earth a better places for all future generations and it is our responsibility to make the planet a safe place for our children by providing eco-friendly solutions to adopt sustainability and longevity into our core business model.

Let us all join hands to make the future a better place for all our children.

ODO provides a range of innovative products which helps in all sectors of the education domain and will seamlessly handshake with each other to provide a holistic experience to the institutions. Smart Class technology to help students and teachers interact and induce effective Learning.

ODO specialize in products like Paperless Exam Solutions, University Management / Campus Management System to suite the precise requirements of the Institutions and provide all the necessary reports required as per their Management Perspective / Accreditation Requirements.

Analytical Reports are generated with our Ai software to monitor and give valuable inputs about the most effective teaching solutions for the students, these help the teachers and parents to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student so that they can help them become a well-rounded individual.

ODO comes from a place which is purely aimed at helping the Nextgen students achieve their full potential by understanding themselves and the world around them through effective delivery of Education / Knowledge with which they can make themselves a productive member of society and contribute to its growth.

ODO provides the tools necessary to make the transition easier and effective while managing to be environmentally friendly and reducing the debt they owe mother earth by reducing the rate at which natural resources are depleted.